Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Apple Pie

As promised, here's the first recipe in the Welcome Autumn: Apple Series!

I love apple pie! It's a classic that will never go out of style! Serve it up with some vanilla ice cream and you've yourself a little slice of heaven. Here is my go-to recipe, one that everyone should have in their recipe box! Not all pies are created equal...and this one ranks far above the rest. =)

Start with the crust. Prepare it about 2 hours beforehand because it needs to be refrigerated. To me, the crust is the most important part. Mmmm...carbs! As I always say: if you've got a fantastic crust, it doesn't really matter what you put in it! I've tried tons of pie crust recipes...some aren't flaky enough, others are too soft and difficult to work with, blah blah. None of them have stacked up to this one: the ultimate pie crust by WS. It's the only recipe for crust you'll ever need. I use it for everything from fruit to chicken! It has a great buttery and flaky texture- so delicious. And it's also easy to work with, which is super important.

Combine ingredients in a food processor according to the recipe's instructions. When it comes out, it should look like this: kinda crumbly.

Gently push the dough together and form into two round disks. I like to make one slightly larger than the other, because the bottom crust will need more dough than the top. Wrap tightly in saran wrap. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

For more tips on working with pie crust, please read two of my older posts: (1) All about pies, and (2) Blueberry pie. Pie crust can be difficult to work with for first time bakers, so be sure to read these before attempting!

Next, start on the pie filling. See recipe below. I like this recipe a lot because it requires cooking the apple first to create a thick filling. I hate it when I get a runny, watery pie that makes the crust soggy!

Chop up about 6 large granny smith apples. The recipe calls for a dutch oven. But those things are so heavy and super expensive. Not everyone has one, so if you don't, any old pot will do!

Cook for about 30 minutes with a few fantastic ingredients: cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, etc. It'll cook down to create a great pie filling!

Pour the filling into the pie crust you prepared earlier. Add a few cubes of butter throughout, then start on the top crust.

Creating a lattice can be tricky. You have to start in the middle of the pie and work your way out. Again, for first timers, please refer to my Blueberry Pie entry for tips and tricks.

I got these great star shaped pie crust cutters from WS! They came in a great set of four. For more info on these awesome cutters, see this prior post where I used them to make bite sized chocolate graham crackers!

The cutters are great! I love them. They really "fancy up" your pie! =)

Bake for about 45-50 minutes. Check on it half way through to make sure your crust isn't browning too much. If it is, cover the top with foil.

Mmmmm! Serve with vanilla ice cream!

Stay tuned for the second and third installments of the Welcome Autumn: Apple Series. Don't miss out on these two fantastic apple recipes to come:
  • French Toast topped with Caramelized Apple, Cardamom Whipped Cream, and Candied Walnuts.

For the recipes shown on this entry, please click HERE.


  1. That is one gorgeous pie, Judy! I'm definitely checking out your tips about working with crust as I haven't gotten it right yet.

  2. Wow, this pie looks amazing! I`ll check the recipe for the crust too. Thanks for the link :)

  3. Another stunning creation from Judy's Natural Habitat: The Kitchen!

    Boy, you are really getting your monies worth out of that EH pie plate!

    Sadly I didn't make any apple pies this year, and after seeing your wonderful creation, I'm really regretting it!


  4. this IS the best crust and exactly what i was looking for!i prepared mini apple pies and loved the result! :D thanks!!


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