Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boxes Upon Boxes

A month before the wedding, crisp white boxes started arriving at our door on a daily basis. My living room was quickly becoming quite the disaster area! In its current state, the boxes have almost reached the ceiling and await to be sorted.

I registered for a lot of cool kitchen gadgets- many of which I've never used before and for some, I didn't even know what purpose it served! I figured that I'd need as much help as I can get on this quest...and I definitely needed those funky gadgets like pepper corers, fluted pastry wheels, and nutmeg grinders.. in case a future recipe calls for freshly cored hot tamales, laced with fresh ground nutmeg and rolled up in nicely cut pastry dough, or something of the sort. You never know when these gadgets will come in handy!

I have lots of great recipes that I'm looking forward to trying, including a wide variety of desserts and dinners! I'm also excited to try out some of my newly obtained kitchenware and let everyone know how they perform. My hubby has already pledged to support me in this quest by eating whatever I put in front of him, for better or for worse! Wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. Judy
    You are crazy! But in the very best way possible. Keep those goodies coming!


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