Sunday, February 14, 2010

Giveaway Winners

Martha Stewart Cupcake Club Members:

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And for those of you who are here for the Giveaway Winners Announcement, please read on!

So, I originally promised this tip: the Ateco 855. But there's been a slight change in plans... =)

After I posted the Giveaway entry, I went to my favorite Mom & Pop baking supplies store to find that they recently had a huge shipment of jumbo icing tips come in! They're the only place in the area that I've been able to find such a large selection of icing tips, so I was super excited!

I was going straight for the 855's when something else caught my eye: the 846's!

Wow, was this tip a beauty! It's equally as large as the 855, but instead of six flower petals, it has seven! I really wanted to see what type of frosting swirl this would produce, so I purchased one and went straight home to bake cupcakes!

Behold: Incredible swirls!!!

I like this tip better because it produced "tighter" swirls, if that makes sense. There's more of the swirl and gives a sharper edge- more structure to the swirl. It is now my favorite tip EVER!

I know the 846 isn't what I originally promised, but I figured you guys won't really mind getting a new and improved version of the old tip!

I was so excited that I went back and got FIVE of these tips, instead of three. hehe. Figured you guys wouldn't mind that either! =) I wanted to be able to share it with more of you!

So let's get on with this... the winners!


There were 47 comments and 45 entries. The random number generator was asked to generate numbers between 1 and 45.



Congrats: Mike, Mr.P, Carleigh, Judy B, and Kimmie!

I will mail these out next Thursday, February 18th, 2010. Please email me ( with your address by Wednesday night! Please write "Giveaway Winner" in the subject line.

Since this giveaway was so popular, I will be sure to do it again! =)

Thank you so much to everyone who participated- I was super touched by all your comments! You guys rock my socks!


  1. Congratulations to the Winners!
    The new tip makes the swirls closer, tighter and prettier.

  2. Ooh, neat! I've never seen the 846 tip. Sounds like you have quite a little treasure with that mom and pop store!


  3. I am beyond thrilled. I have never won anything!

    I also want to know how you got those cute images. I couldn't figure that out!

  4. Wow! Imagine how a little tip could bring so much joy! Thanks Judy - what a GREAT giveaway! Can't wait to try it - anything that will help my cupcakes has GOT to be good!

  5. Your beautiful photos deserve an award, which is why you should stop by my blog to claim it!


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